Be Forewarned - 7" 
1972 (Intermedia)

B Side - Lazy Lady

Hurricane 7"
1973 (Boffo Socko)

B Side - Earth Flight

Under My Thumb 7"
1974 (Gemini Records)

B-Side When the Screams Come

Livin' in a Ram's Head 7"
1979 (High Voltage)

B Side - When the Screams Come

Death Row - All Your Sins
1982 - (Self Released)

Side A 
Death Row (Griffin)
All Your Sins (Griffin, Liebling)
Sign Of The Wolf (Liebling)
The Ghoul (Hasselvander, Liebling, Griffin)
Relentless (Griffin)

Side B 
Run My Course (Liebling)
Sinister (Griffin, Abney)
The Deist (Griffin)
Your Lost, I’m Free (Liebling)
Dying World (Griffin)
20 Buck Spin (Liebling)

1985 - (Pentagram Records) Re-released as Relentless - 1993 (Peaceville Records)

Death Row (Griffin)
All Your Sins (Griffin/Liebling)
Sign of the Wolf (Liebling)
The Ghoul (Hasselvander/Liebling/Griffin)
Relentless (Griffin)
Run My Course (Liebling)
Sinister (Griffin, Abney)
The Deist (Griffin)
You're Lost, I'm Free (Liebling)
Dying World (Griffin)
20 Buck Spin(Liebling)

Day of Reckoning
1987 (Napalm Records), Re-Released - 1993 (Peaceville Records)

Day of Reckoning (Liebling)
Broken Vows (Griffin)
Madman (Liebling)
When the Screams Come (Liebling)
Burning Savior (Griffin/Liebling)
Evil Seed (Griffin)
Wartime (Griffin)

Relentless 7"
1993 (Peaceville Records) 

B-Side Day of Reckoning 

Be Forewarned
1994 - (Peaceville Records)

Live Free and Burn (Griffin/Hasselvander)
Too Late (Griffin)
Ask No More (Liebling)
The World Will Love Again (Hasselvander)
Vampyre Love (Griffin)
Life Blood (Griffin/Forrest)
Wolf's Blood (Griffin)
Frustration (Liebling)
Bride of Evil (Hasselvander)
Nightmare Gown (Liebling)
Petrified (Hasselvander/Liebling)
A Timeless Heart (Griffin)
Be Forewarned (Liebling)

Review Your Choices 
1999 (Black Widow) Re-Released 2011 (SVART Records)

Burning Rays (Liebling)
Change of Heart (Hasselvander, Liebling)
Living in a Ram’s Head (Liebling)
Gorgon’s Slave (Hasselvander, Liebling)
Review Your Choices (Liebling)
The Diver (Liebling)
The Bees (Liebling)
I am Vengeance (Hasselvander, Liebling)
Forever My Queen (Liebling)
Mow You Down (Hasselvander, Liebling)
Downhill Slope (Liebling)
Magalania (Liebling)

Death Row - 'Death Is Alive' (LP)
2000 - (Game Two Records)

Drive me to the Grave (Hasselvander/Liebling)
Review Your Choices (Liebling)
The World Will Love Again (Hasselvander)
The Ghoul (Hasselvander, Libling, Griffin)
Sign of the Wolf (Liebling)
Burning Savior (Griffin, Liebling)
Live Free and Burn (Griffin, Hasselvander)
Petrified (Hasselvander/Liebling)

Sub Basement
(Black Widow) Re-Released 2011 (SVART Records)

Bloodlust (Liebling)
Buzzsaw (Liebling)
Drive Me to the Grave (Hasselvander, Liebling)
Sub Basement (Hasselvander, Liebling)
Go in Circles (Reaching for an End) (Hasselvander, Liebling)
Mad Dog (Liebling)
After the Last (Hasselvander, Liebling)
Tidal Wave (Hasselvander, Liebling)
Out of Luck (Liebling)
Target (Liebling)

First Days Here 
2001 (Relapse Records)

Forever My Queen (Liebling)
When the Screams Come (Liebling)
Walk in the Blue Light (Liebling)
Starlady (Palmer/Liebling)
Lazylady (Liebling/O'Keefe)
Review Your Choices (Liebling)
Hurricane (Liebling)
Livin' in a Ram's Head (Liebling)
Earth Flight (Liebling/Mayne)
20 Buck Spin (Liebling)
Be Forewarned (Liebling)
Last Days Here (O'Keefe/Liebling)

A Keg Full of Dynamite
2003 (Black Widow)

Livin' in a Ram's Head
Much Too Young to Know
When the Screams Come
Mad Dog
Review Your Choices
Day of Reckoning
20 Buck Spin
Earth Flight
When the Screams Come (studio version)
Livin' in a Ram's Head (studio version)

Show Em How 
2004 (Black Widow)

Wheel of Fortune (Liebling, O’Keefe)
Elekra Glide (Carmichael, Liebling)
Starlady (Palmer, Liebling)
Catwalk (Liebling)
Prayer for an Exit Before the Dead End (Carmichael, Liebling)
Goddess (Liebling)
City Romance (Carmichael, Liebling)
If the Winds Would Change (Liebling)
Show ‘em How (Liebling)
Last Days Here (O’Keefe, Liebling)

First Days Here Too 
2006 (Relapse Records)

Disc 1
Wheel of Fortune (Liebling/O'Keefe)
When the Screams Come (Liebling)
Under My Thumb (Rolling Stones)
Smokescreen (Liebling/O'Keefe)
Teaser (O'Keefe)
Little Games (The Yardbirds)
Much Too Young to Know (Liebling/O'Keefe)

Disc 2
Virgin Death (Liebling)
Yes I Do (Liebling)
Ask No More (Liebling)
Man (O'Keefe)
Be Forewarned (Liebling)
Catwalk (Liebling)
Die in Your Sleep (Liebling)
Frustration (Liebling)
Target (Liebling)
Everything's Turning to Night (Liebling/O'Keefe)
Take Me Away (O'Keefe)
Nightmare Gown (Liebling)
Cartwheel (Liebling)
Cat & Mouse (O'Keefe)
Show 'em How (Liebling)

If the Winds Would Change
2011 - (High Roller Records)

Burning Rays
The Bees
Devil Child
Out of Luck
Downhill Slope
If the Winds Would Change

Last Rites
2011 (Metal Blade Records)

Treat Me Right (Liebling)
Call The Man (Liebling)
Into the Ground (Liebling/Griffin)
8 (Turley/Liebling)
Everything’s Turning to Night (Liebling/O'Keefe)
Windmills and Chimes (Liebling)
American Dream (Turley/Griffin)
Walk in Blue Light (Liebling)
Horseman (Liebling)
Death in 1st Person (Turley/Griffin)
Nothing Left (Liebling/Griffin)

Live Rites
2011 (SVART Records)

Day of Reckoning
Forever My Queen
The Ghoul
Into The Ground
Evil Seed 
Call the Man
Nothing Left
All Your Sins
20 Buck Spin
Sign of the Wolf
When the Screams Come

When the Screams Come DVD
2012 (Metal Blade Records)

Day Of Reckoning
Forever My Queen
Ask No More
Run My Course
You're Lost, I'm Free
Review Your Choices
All Your Sins
20 Buck Spin
Sign Of The Wolf
When The Screams Come 

Last Days Here Movie
2013 (2011 MPI Media Group)

Chronicling the triumphs and downfalls of cult rock legend Bobby Liebling, Last Days Here is a powerful documentary about an underground icon who finds himself at the crossroads of life and death. For over 36 years Bobby Liebling has been churning out genre-defining hard rock as the lead singer of the band Pentagram. But various acts of self-destruction, multiple band break-ups, and botched record deals have condemned his music to obscurity. Frozen for decades in his parents' basement, Bobby is finally discovered by the heavy metal underground, and with the help of Sean 'Pellet' Pelletier, his friend and manager, Bobby struggles to overcome his demons. Directors Dan Argott and Demian Fenton (The Art of the Steal) offer a candid look at this madly talented artist, whose unexpected journey made him a prodigious diamond in the music business rough.

"A heavy metal 'Grey Gardens', hilarious and tragic." - The Wall Street Journal

"Engrossing, Affectionate...Completely Unpredictable." - The Village Voice

"It's horrifying, and you can't look away." - The New York Post

"….surprising sweetness." -The New York Times

"Engrossing! - Editor's Pick - New York Magazine

"I will just advise you to see it. And hear it. It soars." - Trust Movies

“Never a dull moment…has more bizarre twists than any fiction.” 
- The Boston Phoenix

"Painful, traumatic, albeit deeply inspiring." - Time Out London

"’Last Days Here’ is not the documentary viewers expect to see, but it is the documentary they will be glad they saw.” -Examiner

"Thoroughly engrossing. 'Last Days Here' is a wild, satisfying ride, a real story of love, friendship, and self-acceptance beneath the tantalizing surface of sex, drugs and rock n' roll" - Baltimore City Paper

“Ingenious and suspenseful…to call ‘Last Days Here’ a mere music documentary is like saying Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ is a pretty tune.”
- Filmmaker Magazine

“An Intense documentary, it blew us all away!”
- Eddie Trunk “That Metal Show” VH-1

“…one of the most unexpectedly awe-inspiring stories I’ve witnessed in years, with one of the happiest, super-surprise endings you’ll ever see in a music documentary.” - The Stranger – Seattle

#1 Pick – Spin Magazine’s Top Documentaries Streaming on Netflix (2014)


Best Music Documentary / International Documentary Film Festival - Amsterdam

Grand Jury Prize - Best Documentary / Independent Film Fest Boston

Audience Award - Best Film / San Francisco Indie Fest

Best of Festival / Sydney Underground Film Festival

Grand Jury Prize – Best Documentary / Calgary Underground Film Festival

Best International Music Documentary / In Edit Fest – Barcelona

Official Selection – SXSW Film Festival 2011

Official Selection – BAM Cinemafest

Official Selection – BFI London Film Festival

Bronze Audience Award – Best Documentary – Fantasia International Film Fest

Greirson Award Nomination – British Film Institute Awards 2011

All Your Sins DVD 2015 - (Peaceville Records)
Live Compilation 1985 - 2014

When the Screams Come 2015 - (Metal Blade Records) LP only               
Day Of Reckoning
Forever My Queen
Ask No More
Run My Course
You're Lost, I'm Free
Review Your Choices
All Your Sins
20 Buck Spin
Sign Of The Wolf
When The Screams Come
Bonus Tracks 
Death Row
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Vampyre Love
Nothing Left
Relentless Reprise

​Curious Volume - 2015 (Peaceville Records)
Lay Down And Die
The Tempter Push
Dead Bury Dead
Earth Flight
Walk Alone
Curious Volume
Close The Casket
Devil`s Playground
Because I Made It

YouTube - "Singles"

The Diver 2022 - Pentagram: The Diver (HQ, rehearsal) 2022

Be Forewarned 2019

Catwalk 2018

Forever My Queen Live 2019

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